Chaboukie is responsibly made, fashion-forward, unisex, overall awesome baby and toddler clothes made in Northeast LA. They're perfect for a casual stroll with the Ps, or for play with the new BFFs;  the neighborhood BBQ, or the TGIF road trip. Our design inspirations come from our own wardrobes, music collections, Instagram feeds and people-watching field trips around the world. All Chaboukie products are limited edition so if you like it, buy it! 


Just Where Does A Name Like Chaboukie Come From??

Chaboukie first came about as a nickname given to the owner and creator's little guy (Auden). It's sometimes difficult to figure out the lineage of these names, but they think it went something like this:  

Bug > Bugaboo > Boo > Bouks > Chaboukie


located up in the hills of Mount Washington where you sometimes forget you're in Los Angeles.