Mazie & Myles Holiday 2017 Gift Guide; These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s the time of year we’re dreaming of the wide-eyed wonder of our children, cozy snuggles and as much family time that we can get. Somewhere in between wiping noses, decking the halls and making cookies, we have to find time for shopping? Are you kidding?! We wouldn’t trade them for the world, but now that kids are in the picture at the holidays we must shop smarter, right? That’s why we made up a list of our favorite things for you! If your mall time is limited like ours is, online shopping is a saving grace. This list will not fail you! Buy stuff for your friends from this list knowing they will love them as much as we do. Send this list to grandma, and maybe pick up a present or two for under the tree.

Beau Hudson Newborn Beanies

The softest, most beautifully shaped beanies in an array of the most gorgeous color you’ve ever seen. What a perfect newborn gift for a new mom. Remember how scared you were to put things on their fragile little heads with your first baby? These beanies are like wrapping a cloud around them, and they stay put without leaving marks or indents on their sweet little heads. Seriously, why don’t they make this material for adult clothes? Probably because we’d just want to nap all day in them. Perfect for: Newborns-3-months.

Little Unicorn Swaddle Blankets

The cutest, and we mean the cutest patterns you will find for swaddling. And if dad isn’t into carrying around a baby with a hedgehog blanket pattern, they also make the same soft blankets in trending solids and bold patterns. The best thing? THE SIZE. Forget about having to carry a coverup if you need to nurse on the go; these blankets are a generous 47”x47”, so they do double duty. Soft, breathable and plenty of room for wrapping baby snugly so they can’t wiggle out. Grab a few because you’re going to find lots of uses for these even when you are out of the swaddling stage. Perfect for: Newborns-12 months

Garbo & Friends Mouse and Miss Bunny Teethers

The only thing more adorable than these teethers are the photos you’re going to take when your baby is gnawing away soothing their tooth pain on these. Seriously, it’s magical. You give these to your fussy, fretful, slobbery baby and because of the perfect shape and size they can manipulate the teether to all the sore spots. Soft and chewy in all the right places, the bodies and heads are all made from natural, untreated beech wood. These teethers would also make a beautiful gift for an expectant mommy who has no idea how much she will need this. Perfect for: Newborns-24 months

Donna Wilson Blankets

You might have noticed a pattern here. At Mazie & Myles we really, really, really….love blankets. Why? Because you just have no idea before you have kids how useful they are. They can keep your littles (and you) warm, can soothe a toddler’s broken heart, and are a safe haven on questionable floors for tummy time. The colors and patterns…oh my. You’ll love how these look in the modern nursery, and they’re also perfect for a backdrop for picture time. These blankets are handmade in Scotland from lambswool, and we like to imagine Sean Connery saying, “that’s a cute baby” when we use them. Perfect for: Newborn- any age…we steal these from our kids.

ABC Baby Lit Stroller Flash Cards

Forget C is for Cat, that’s old news. We love these beautifully illustrated whimsical flash cards that teach the ABC’s by referencing the classics of literature like Wizard of Oz, Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland and Anne of Green Gables. They have a reclosable ring that hooks on to your stroller, car seat or diaper bag. Imagine your pride when your kid is the first to say that “T is for Toto.” If you have an expecting friend who is a Book/English/Grammar geek, we can’t imagine a better baby gift. Perfect for: 12-24 months.

Ryan Rose Cutie Clips

Short, beautiful and functional, these paci clips are made to avoid choking and keep the pacifier off the floor if you have a crawler. We love them not only because they have the cutest patterns and designs, but they can also be used with anything you can loop them on to. We use them for toys, sippy cups, snack containers and teethers as well. Non-toxic and lead-free, you’ll want some of these for every day and for dress up outfits too! Perfect for: Newborn and up

The Laundress

You cannot beat this line for baby safe, allergen-free cleaning. Not only does it clean up spit up and other daily dirt like a charm, but it also smells AMAZING. It smells like your baby’s head after a bath. It smells like your baby after they have eaten and are falling asleep in your arms doing that little pucker-mouth thing with their sweet baby breath. It smells like the first time they give you a big gummy smile. It’s that good. It softens materials, preserves colors and contains no harsh chemicals. Need we say more?

Here’s to a holiday filled with laughter, endless hugs, and no-hassle shopping!

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