Avoiding Holiday Stress with Kids. Can it be Done?

The holidays are bearing down on us and though it seems like the calendar just turned to December, suddenly we’re down to a few weeks left. This is the time that holiday cheer can turn to holiday stress, and holiday meltdowns for your kids. How can you keep your sanity and keep the holiday spirit alive for your kids? Get Regular Sleep, Keep a Regular Schedule. Holiday parties, holiday concerts, late night visits from friends and family are all a fun part of the holidays, but it can also be disruptive to the family schedule. Some kids (and adults) can get unusually grouchy and out of sorts when there is too much stimulation. Learn when to say no to invitations or limit them to a few hours. It’s okay to say no! Make sure kids get to bed on time and keep nighttime routines the same.

Healthy Eating and Exercise Whenever Possible. All those sweet treats and colder weather may have you all eating more sugar than usual and moving less. Make it a point to carve out time for exercise, even if it’s just to stop and do impromptu jumping jacks in the living room. This will help kids burn off excess energy and get their blood pumping. Ask them to help choose the exercises they like to do! Weekly meal planning and packing snacks up can be a saving grace this time of the year and will keep those trips through the drive through to a minimum.

Create New Traditions and Don’t Forget to Laugh! Give the kids elf names and have them help wrap gifts, stick on bows and create ornaments for the tree. Remember that not all holidays are picture perfect like you see on Pinterest and the television. Embrace those sticky hands and sticky hugs!

Breathe. When the meltdowns in the store or the home happen, take a breath and count to ten. It sounds so simplistic, but it really does help focus and calm you. Make sure during this busy season you are taking time for yourself as well. A good book, a shower or a cup of coffee with a friend can revive and refresh your mama soul.

Mazie & Myles wishes you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and stress-free holiday season!

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