Is it to early to start reading to my baby?

The milestone moment when a child makes the connection to the words and pictures on a page to what comes out of their mouth is a truly magical time in a parent’s life. Learning to read is such a critical part of your child’s growth both socially and cognitively. It’s been proven that the more a baby is read to and the more words they are exposed to, the more likely they will be able to start reading on their own. So, the answer is, it’s never too soon to start reading to your baby! For my children, I know that some of our most special times are when we sit down to read together. There’s a calming feeling in this routine, and it’s guaranteed to soothe both a tired baby and an overtired toddler…and maybe an ever more exhausted mommy too! Mazie has picked up so much from having been read to that when she brings home literacy books from school we don’t have to help her read them, which makes her feel so proud. We started reading to her the first week she was home from the hospital! Myles, at four months old, will stare at photos, reach for images and will often look at my mouth to see my sounds and facial expressions. These precious moments not only help us form a bond, but they are also setting them up for success in both vocabulary and critical thinking skills in their future. Win-win!

Even when you are pregnant and before your baby is born, reading out loud can help calm and soothe because they hear the inflections and tones in your voice. It’s like music to them! With newborns ages 0-3 months, reading can help them focus on shapes and colors and improve their hand-eye coordination as well as their muscle tone in their neck. Toddlers and up not only love the snuggle time with you, but also the fantastic stories they get to hear!

Have you started this year with new reading habits? What are you reading with your child, and what are their favorites? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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